Changes Coming To TGRN

We would like to inform all of our TGRN supporters, listeners, and speakers that effective January 1, 2024 TGRN will no longer be under the oversight of the MT. Vernon Texas elders. TGRN will transition to a work of Tullstar as a station for airing their archives of sermons and lectures.

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The Gospel Radio Network

About TGRN

The Gospel Radio Network launched in January 2014 as a 24/7 internet radio station broadcasting sound gospel preaching throughout the world. This work was overseen by the elders of the Mount Vernon church of Christ in Mount Vernon, TX until January 2024 when the station was transferred to be a part of the work of Tullstar.

Transition Statment From David Sudoff, TGRN Director

I would like to thank all the contributions our speakers made to the great work of TGRN. I know our labor was never in vain (1 Cor 15:58). I want to thank each and every speaker for proclaiming the truth. I would also, at the risk of time, like to thank our supporters. Your funds and your words of encouragement made TGRN possible and strengthened the people behind the scenes. As TGRN makes its transition to Tullstar, know that it will continue to touch lives and proclaim the truth. If you have supported us in the past, please still consider supporting us now. The future of TGRN is bright. I personally will miss the work and the interactions from both the speakers and the supporters and our listeners.

In His service,
David Sudhoff

Transition Statment From Ryan Smithey, Tullstar Director

In January 2014 I had the great privilege of working alongside the elders and congregation at Mount Vernon to launch The Gospel Radio Network (TGRN). This 24 hour a day, 7 day a week internet radio station gave the opportunity for congregations and individuals to spread the gospel throughout the world with both live and pre-recorded lessons of sound biblical teaching. Over the course of these last 10 years that has continued to be the goal of TGRN and the elders at Mount Vernon. I count it a joy to have been able to work with this network first as a director and later as a technical advisor alongside David Sudhoff as director.

But, as times and opportunities change, so has TGRN and the congregation at Mount Vernon. Earlier this year the elders made the decision to redirect their focus on the many other works that Mount Vernon is involved in and cease operation of TGRN. While I know this was a difficult decision for them, I certainly understand the need. We all hate to see this time come, but I am grateful that the elders have agree to transfer control of TGRN to myself and the work of Tullstar. With this transition in January 2024, we will continue to operate the internet radio station and hope that listeners will still enjoy the scriptural programming they have benefited from over the past 10 years. We will be offering a simplified schedule primarily focused on the 30 plus years of audio recordings that Tullstar has had the privilege of recording and archiving for future generations which have been a part of TGRN’s programming line-up from the very beginning.

As we transition this work, I thank those who have contributed to these efforts whether as financial supporters, encouragers, listeners, or speakers. Especially I thank the elders at Mount Vernon for their encouragement, oversight, and support of this work over the years. I hope that The Gospel Radio Network will continue to challenge and encourage you in your study of God’s Word.

Ryan Smithey,
for Tullstar and The Gospel Radio Network and


Beginning in January 2024 content will be provided by the archives of Tullstar. These are sermons and lectures recorded over the last 30 years at various locations.

Singing is provided by various congregations and other recording groups. All songs broadcast are in the public domain and used by permission of the recording organization.

Special thanks to: Dallas Christian Sound for use of their recordings. They have a wide selection of congregational and other Acappella albums avaliable at or by contacting them at 1-800-654-5918.